First United Methodist Church
Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm

Phone & Fax:
Phone - 662-690-8100
Fax - 662-840-8757

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 854
Tupelo, MS 38802

For information about FUMC
and its ministries:
Meal Reservations
Ext. # E-mail
Rev. Jim Curtis
Sr. Pastor
14 jim@fumctupelo.com
Rev. Lynn Mote
Associate Pastor
13 lynn.mote@fumctupelo.com
Rev. Colby Cuevas
Associate Pastor
15 colby@fumctupelo.com
Rev. Sapada Thomas
Associate Pastor
12 sapada@fumctupelo.com
Corey Truett
Youth Minister
16 corey@fumctupelo.com
Beverly McAlilly
Director of Music Ministries
18 beverly@fumctupelo.com
Harris Magruder
Director of Worship Related Ministries, The Invitation
David Dillard
Church Administrator
26 david@fumctupelo.com
Leigh McGregor
Weekday Preschool Coordinator
22 leigh@fumctupelo.com
Kristen Partin
Older Children's Coordinator
39 kristen@fumctupelo.com
Angela Atkinson
Younger Children's Coordinator
34 angela@fumctupelo.com
Lori Clayton
Nursery Coordinator
33 lori@fumctupelo.com
Lynn White
Resource Director
28 lynn@fumctupelo.com
Carean Dendy
Music Associate
19 carean@fumctupelo.com
Bonnie Sisco
Office Manager
10 bonnie@fumctupelo.com
Mary Stewart Rhea
Publications Assistant
37 marystewart@fumctupelo.com
Lee McKenzie
Financial Secretary
11 lee@fumctupelo.com
Helen Collins
27 helen@fumctupelo.com
Clete Brekke
Church Chef
29 clete@fumctupelo.com

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